Saturday, March 10, 2007

Máxima's personal jewellery - part one : orange coloured jewellery

Since her engagement and wedding Máxima has build up a nice collection of orange coloured jewellery. It is my belief that these pieces are gifts from her husband Prince Willem-Alexander and that the collection started with her engagement ring which was designed by the Prince and contains an orange coloured stone. Likely she recieved more pieces after the birth of her daughters Catherina-Amalia and Alexia:

Earrings and brooch, first worn at the baptism of her eldest daughter Amalia (2004):

The same earrings, worn together with an necklace in 2005:

Pictures of 2006, with the visit of the royals of Luxemburg, statevisit to Argentina and her solo working visit to Brasil and Argentina (credit: Maxie) where she wears the earrings again:

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