Sunday, February 25, 2007

Maxima's brooches

This is the best picture I could found of this event, on October 11 2006 in Basel at a conference of the Financial Stability Institute:

The brooches she wears here are very identical to the brooches she wore on her dress at the gala ball in Oslo (see previous post).

Oslo festivities: Princess Máxima in Oslo

At the activities for the birthday of King Harald Princess Máxima of the Netherlands showed once more some pieces of the Dutch royal jewellery:

At the gala ball, February 24:

The Princess wears the Anna Paulowna Pearl Spike tiara. She wears the tiara for the third time, but the first time with the pearls on it.

The big pearl earrings are worn for the second time (the first time she worn them was in 2004 for the visit of the Swiss President).

The two little brooches at the left side and right side of her dress are also worn the second time. Provenance is not yet found out, but no doubt that they are family pieces.

The stomacher she wears is the Diamond Leaf brooch, also worn for the third time (first time at the banquet for the celebration 400 years Dutch-Australian relationships, second time at the 2006 Prinsjesdag)

The bracelet she wears at her left wrist is the Diamond and Pearl bracelet, that is often worn by Queen Beatrix. The large pearl can also be set in an necklace. This piece is also worn for the third time. Máxima worn the bracelet to banquet for the festivities of the Dutch-Australian relationships and the oval pearl in a necklace in 2003 with the visit of the Mexican president.

The bracelet at her right wrist seems to be a piece of the Bracelet of the Colonies, which is broken up according to Vorsten magazine jewellery expert Els Smit. It was broken up in two pieces: a bracelet that Máxima has worn to her pre-wedding ball and to the statevisit to Belgium in 2006.

More information:

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Princess Mary pearl fantasy necklace

Crownprincess Mary of Denmark has recycled a piece of personal jewellery last month, it's a necklace in a modern (fantasy-like) style with black pearls.

It was first worn on the 70th birthday of her father-in-law, the 11th of June 2004 (Polfoto) , along with her wedding tiara:

And on January 19, 2007 she wore it again:

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